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Unfortunately my books are currently closed. Feel free to message me if you'd like to be put on my wait list. 

Price list

  Small                  £180

  Medium              £310

   Large                  £540 

   Extra large         £1050

  • Bespoke sizes and additional subjects are available on request at extra cost. (For example, two pets on a medium portrait will cost roughly the same as two small portraits as they are equal in size).

  • Additional subjects are only available for medium portraits or larger as there just isn't enough room on a small one for two or more.

  • Postage and packing to mainland UK is included.

  • Worldwide postage is available at extra cost which can be calculated when you provide an address. 

  • Prices do not include mounting or framing. Framing is available but please consider I have to order frames from a third party so I need to know if this is something you'd like me to do when you make your order. I do suggest to most of my clients to use a local framer to them. (Please refer to the "Aftercare" tab for more info on framing).

  • All portraits are drawn with a variety of fine quality pastel pencils, pastel sticks and Panpastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat. 

  • Returning customers will receive a small discount.

How do I commission a portrait?


Firstly you will need to send a few pictures of your pet, I will need at least one high quality picture to draw from, but it's often useful to have a handful of references. I do offer to take reference photos myself if you are local to North Devon. Once I've chosen a suitable photo I'll need 50% of the full price as a deposit before any drawing takes place.

Please note - I do have a waiting list so if you'd like a drawing done for a special occasion please let me know and I will see whether I can fit you in.


Reference photos

The most important tool I need to draw a portrait of your pet is a good reference photo.


Phone pictures are absolutely fine but try to avoid using portrait mode or filters when taking your pictures.

Screenshots and often pictures pulled from social media aren't ideal because the image is stripped of its quality so if you can, please track down the original photo and email it to me.


Please note; you must own the rights to the photo, this especially includes professional photos. Even if you have purchased the photos from the photographer, I still need written permission from the photographer to use their photo as I will be making a profit from their image. If you have a professional photo that you want drawn, be aware that I will need to contact the photographer first so it’s best to remember who he/she was so I can contact them. 


I will (and do) turn down clients with poor reference photos, if I can't see enough detail when I zoom in then the drawing will likely not turn out with the high standard that I strive for. This is in your own interest as I don't want people paying good money for a product that lacks in quality. 

What happens next?

I will talk through the process via email/Facebook message. Once you have decided on a size and I know whether your pictures are suitable to draw from, I will take it from there.

Please send your email to

Terms and conditions;

I reserve the rights to use any artwork drawn from a photo with clients permission for promotional use, i.e: Publishing on my website and social media, business cards, fliers, banners etc. 

I will however ask permission to reproduce prints, cards etc for resale.

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