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I do not use any sealants or fixatives on my work as Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper is designed in such a way that they're not needed. (These products can also change the colour of the pastel). So please try not to touch the artwork itself as pastels smudge very easily when open to the elements! 

I wrap my portraits in tissue paper and it's extremely important that you remove the tape and open the tissue out flat - do not attempt to pull the portrait out from the sleeve as this will also likely smudge your picture. When handling your portrait try and only touch the corners and edges where there is no pastel. 

I recommend all my clients have their portraits framed professionally by a framer local to them, not only because I worry about posting glass (I've heard horror stories!) but they're cheaper to send without a frame which helps keep my prices down, and because it supports another small local business. I'm happy to frame portraits at cost by ordering from an online framing company but please be aware that these frames come with perspex "glass" and are wood effect not solid wood. 

If you don't have your pictures framed professionally, I recommend you add a mount to your portrait before framing it. Mounting keeps the picture off the glass or perspex which protects the pastel particles from being lifted off. I also recommend using an acid free mount and backing mount to help preserve your picture.  

Please do not hang your picture in direct sunlight, although I use high quality professional materials, direct sunlight will eventually cause your picture to fade over time. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me.

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