Group workshops

This course is designed for artists with a background of drawing or painting pet portraits who want to further their education using Panpastels and pastel pencils. These workshops are held over a Saturday and a Sunday and will cover layering an underpainting with Panpastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper and adding fur details on top with pastel pencils.

Students will draw from two different reference images over the two days, each day runs from 10-3 with a lunch break in between. The course itself is £150 per person.

Please see materials list and check prices before signing up.


Workshop Materials

Must haves: 

Set of "Pitt Pastel" pencils

"Panpastels" -

Burnt Sienna 740.3

Black 800.5

Raw Umber shade 780.3

Titanium White 100.5

Red Iron Oxide shade 380.3

"Sofft" mini applicators or drug store eye makeup sponges

"Sofft" tool sponge bars: Assorted pack of 4 or drug store foundation sponges

Putty eraser

Paper stumps

Pastel pencil sharpener/Stanley knife/blade of your choice

Black "Unison colour" pastel stick CB1

Tablet/iPad to copy your reference from A gooseneck tablet/iPad holder  ("Lamicoll" sells a very sturdy one) 

"Camera Lucida/Da Vinci eye" app downloaded to your iPad/tablet.

A sense of humour!


A few Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils, whites/greys/browns. 

A set of soft pastels (like "Mungyo" or "Rembrandt") for backgrounds.

Other information:

I'd like it if everyone could please provide a negative Covid test result, I'd like everyone who joins my workshops to feel as safe as possible. 

Feel free to bring packed lunches. Theres a fantastic local sandwich shop local to South Molton as well. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. There's plenty of parking, a small kitchen and a toilet on site. 

Please note, the Weston room is located around the back of the main hall and has it's own parking. 

Recommended websites for materials:

Workshop address:

Weston room

Filleigh village hall


South Molton

North Devon


Recommended hotel:

The George, South Molton

Sandwich shop:

Baker George, South Molton

Photo credit: Karolina Andreasova